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The right to change any technology mentioned in this whitepaper for the benefit of the overall goal is reserved for us. Find the latest version of the whitepaper go to https://mie.network

No Investment advice

The information presented on the website does not establish itself as a piece of investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other kind of advice. One should be aware not to confuse any given information as a bit of advice.

Accuracy of Information

Although we ensure the accuracy of the information mentioned in this whitepaper, we still do not hold any responsibility if there is any missing or wrong information mentioned here. The use and consumption of any given information are at your own risk.

Taxation Risk

The tax component of the acquisition of MIE Network is not clearly defined. Your purchase of MIE tokens can come with adverse tax consequences, including income tax and any other kind of tax.

Risk Associated With The Development & Maintenance of MIE Network/Ecosystem

Throughout the process, the development of the MIE ecosystem and network will always be subjected to changes and corrections regarding the technical operation till the whole ecosystem will completely be developed.
The functioning or the effectiveness of the MIE ecosystem hugely depends on the sale of the token. If there is no significant sale of the token, then it will have the repercussions of a shortage of resource base for the full development of the ecosystem.
If there is a situation where the project team is not able to collect enough funds for the product development, then all the collection will be sent back to the investors without the commission.

Risk of Liquidating The Company/Ecosystem

Unfavorable changes in the exchange rate of the cryptocurrencies like ETH or BTC will also have a significant impact on the rate of MIE tokens which might be beyond our competence.
Legal problems and intellectual properties issues can also disrupt the operations of the platform and ultimately end up getting the company liquidated.

Risk Around The Unpredictable Actions of The Regulators or the Law Enforcement Agencies

The imperfect legal framework of the jurisdictions does not have a strong status on the MIE tokens or the blockchain technologies. It is nearly impossible to predict the actions of law enforcement regarding the operations of the MIE ecosystem.
There is possible forecasting of changes being made by legislations of various jurisdictions for the blockchain sphere. The possibility of such changes is a decent risk for the owners of MIE tokens which includes an updated requirement by any jurisdiction to ask for the conduction of compulsory KYC/AML procedure where it has not been previously necessary for the transaction to be finalized.

All Investments Involve Risk

All investment involves risk, and the losses may exceed the principal invested. The past performance of the cryptocurrency, market or financial product does not ensure future returns or results. Any gain/profit through the cryptocurrency is typically subjected to taxes which depend on the country you live in.
We take zero liability for loss or damage suffered by you through the investment in the MIE network. Trading and investing are a risk, do it at your own risk. We suggest people not use the amount of money that they cannot afford to lose.
The cryptocurrency market is a volatile and risky market where the investment in cryptocurrency might not be suitable for everyone who reads this whitepaper. Whosoever is interested in investing in cryptocurrency should always prefer consulting a completely qualified, highly experienced, and independent professional financial advisor.
All the technical aspects, the 2026-2030 roadmap, and a detailed description of our blockchain network will be shared in our next whitepaper.
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