MIE Network

Executive Summary (MIE Network)

MIE Network is here to absorb the world into blockchain technology. We are here to do that by making MIE Network the largest blockchain-based operating system in the world. We are not just saying it but we have planned it all through.
MIE Network is here to function as the most trusted and economical platform for individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses for investing, trading, transacting and prospering by having a global market position with a broad perspective that facilitates integrity, transparency, and economic well-being.
What MIE provides is scalable, secure, and instant transactions with the use of multichain based on an adapted implementation of a hybrid framework for asset security, that too with a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (POS) validators.
The convenient understanding of the whole process is that our MIE is letting everyone create scalable DApps (Decentralized Apps) while ensuring the interoperability of superior users alongside the feature of scalability to existing public blockchains.
We are targeting :
  • Solve scalability issues in blockchain technology by providing layer solutions.
  • Have a better UX/UI for mass adoption while having incredible security and scalability.
  • Build an application platform for the DApp developers on MIE.
  • Providing the interoperability of the assets via DEXs.
A faster block time is something that is our USP as it runs on POS. Where POW requires a lot of energy and resources and offers a comparatively slow block time, through POS, a highly scalable consensus algorithm the speed of block time is faster and better.
MIE Network delivers faster transactions where one doesn’t need to wait for minutes for confirmation. It is compatible with any network having a modular internal architecture that is flexible, easily customizable, and barely error-prone.
It is highly secure as it works on POS where validators themselves are also the stakers. It is a hugely scalable blockchain network with features like interoperability which also works as the bridge for the communication between two different blockchains.