MIE Network

IEO or IDE Token Sales Phase and information


  • Token Name: MIE NETWORK
  • Token Ticker: MIE
  • Total supply: 100,000,000,000 MIE (Pre-Mined)
  • Platform: Tron Blockchain
  • Standard Token: TRC20
  • Token Type: POS (Proof of STAKING)
MIE Distribution Tokens


  • 5% of the tokens are sold to investors during the Private IECO
  • 40% of our tokens are allocated for IEO (Initial exchange offering)
  • 10% tokens are allocated to founders and promoters
  • 30% tokens are distributed for Referral. During the token sale, a referral session would be done to promote and market the project. And will be used for future airdrops and promotions.
  • 10% tokens are distributed to developers AND LEGAL TEAM
  • 5% tokens are distributed to VARIOUS TECH FUND
Fund Utilization
Fund Utilization
  • 20% lock in the reserve fund
  • 12% marketing and promotion (community development)
  • 10% physicals assets
  • 8% operational expenses
  • 5% legal expenses
  • 5% risk and unexpected
  • 40% network and ecosystem development