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Problem Vs Market Scenario

Just like any other business MIE has researched a few problems we might be facing through our journey & we are completely aware and prepared to deal with them most effectively. The very first problem in front of MIE is the lack of adaptability of crypto around the world.
Cryptocurrency has surely made a buzz in every corner of the world in the last decade, but a lot of people are still very hesitant to adapt to their economic or financial structure. As it is still a dicey call for many people, we are focusing on converting this problem into an opportunity.
As crypto is not highly adopted, MIE is working towards becoming a strong independent liquidity provider in the coming days, which will make people more reliable on crypto and MIE Network at the same time.

Market Scenario

The biggest competitors we see in front of MIE Network is Bitcoin & ETH, but they also have a few lacking where MIE is fully prepared to sweep that space.

High Consumption of Electricity

The very first and most important issue which Bitcoin & ETH both come across is the high electricity consumption. Anyone who is even a bit aware of these cryptocurrencies then the information about these being massive consumers of electricity which adds a lot to the final cost, and this is the first and most crucial reason why people are trying to stay away from these cryptocurrencies.

Higher Transaction Fees

When something has a higher cost of energy, then it always gets reciprocated in other costs as well. These two cryptocurrencies have a lot higher transaction fees which often make people become very edgy towards a transaction. People have been quite vocal about the complaints about the high transaction fee of these platforms.
In comparison to these cryptocurrencies, MIE offers a lot fewer transaction fees which is barely going to bother people while making any transaction through the platform. When making a transaction, you will never have to rethink due to the number of transaction fees in order to make a payment or for any other transaction you are willing to make.

No Connectivity to Other Networks

One thing in which MIE has a way bigger hand than these two giants of the business is the connectivity to other networks. It's out in the open and has not been addressed by many people that both Bitcoin & ETH do not have the access or feature of connecting to other networks. One cannot make any transactions or do business with any second or third blockchain system, which restricts the user in many ways.
This is where MIE Networks stands tall & proud. We have already mentioned that MIE conveniently allows its users to get connected to other networks as well to make a transaction or any other purpose. This is not it, and this feature comes along with much more sophisticated security where there is no threat to people's assets. On the MIE network, one has access to all other networks through one platform, which saves a lot of time and money.