MIE Network



  • MIE network has over 2-years of development experience
  • We have launched and self-developed around ten products in our line of products.
  • MIE is the first ecosystem token in the world with real use-cases business model
  • Team members of the MIE network take part in almost all major crypto conferences in the world
  • We are a multiple chain ecosystem
  • We deliver high accuracy and transparency
  • Best development experience team
  • Support from the global community


  • High yearly burning
  • Lack of finance
  • Competitors
  • Absence of brand mention in mass media
  • Long-term solution of problems through the customer support service due to lack of managers


  • Crypto is still not mass-adopted
  • MIE can become an independent liquidity provider in the future.
  • Developed legal and compliance roadmap to legalize business opportunities.
  • Thanks to Facebook’s Libra and Telegram’s TON more people get to know about crypto.
  • Crypto bull run to be expected in 2022


  • Probable ban of crypto in some jurisdictions by the governments
  • Hack attacks are always a threat in the crypto community.
  • Crypto is fully or partially banned by search engines in advertising campaigns
  • Technical glitches and human errors can be possible in the program
  • The High volatility of cryptocurrencies is a concern.
  • Banks are very unfriendly to processing payments when buying/selling crypto