MIE Network

Eco System

MIE will provide an interface for users with payment APIs and SDKs for D Apps. Merchant and users will
instantly accept payment or pay amount in crypto assets (e.g., ERC20 tokens, Ethers, TRC20 tokens).
We have plans to roll out this system in three phases:
  • Ethereum and ERC20 token payments and TRC 20 TRON payments
  • Multi-asset cross-chain transfer and payment through swaps and liquidity providers
  • Fiat enabled payment system through fiat liquidity providers
Lending platform
The Mie Network will enable a platform for merchants to assess the creditworthiness of connected users via their transaction history. This enables merchants to lend tokens to users on the network when transacting with users that do not have sufficient funds. This will use the MIE protocol to provide tokenized debt to users.
Blockchain Gaming Platform
We expect games to be a big part of the MIE Network. In-game assets represented as NFTs (TRC721) are expected to be bought, sold and traded in huge numbers on our side chains. Developers will also be able to save game state on the side chains if they choose to. Along with the NFT marketplace that we will enable, developers and users will truly have a fast, efficient and secure sidechain to build and play games on.
Global hybrid exchange
We provide a global hybrid exchange which means that we have combined the positives of both the centralized and decentralized exchanges by focusing on the important aspects like user anonymity and liquidation of funds. Other than that, the users have total control over their funds and no one will be controlling their hard-earned money. Apart from protecting your anonymity, the platform is also in compliance with all the regulatory terms and conditions of the country. Moreover, the process is quite fast and transparent.
Staking platform
As a staking platform, MIE will increase the supply of the coin which is currently in the market. This is achieved by using a smart inflationary contract. The goal of inflation is to help the users who are staking MIE to help this project. There could be a variation in the inflation depending upon the given information.
Swapping and Decentralized exchange
Swapping and decentralized exchange is a major features of the MIE network. We allow all our users to directly swap one coin or token from one blockchain to another. The whole process is backed by high security and full privacy. The process is fast and easy. The use case allows our users to experience a faster, simpler, and more convenient way of exchanging cryptocurrencies. We monitor the real-time prices of top-tier exchanges and produce a price index that will allow our users to swap cryptocurrencies easily. The bots in the exchange and swap feature continuously look for the best prices for the exchange, making it quite easy for beginners. Our crypto exchange is one of the best in the world with encrypted security and a responsive user experience, which is capable of supporting a large number of transactions every second.
Crypto wallet and assets management
Our blockchain technology helps in simple asset management. Our asset management model allows receipts, easy transactions, asset information display, transaction data, and many more functions. In the mode, the user can see the type of assets and the information related to each of them.
Market places and liquidity platform
Marketplace liquidity is one of the most popular metrics which will define your business. Liquidity can be defined as the possibility of selling the crypto on our list and finding what you are looking for, or we could say that it is basically the satisfaction that customers will get while using the marketplace. We ensure that the experience of our customers is good in the marketplace and are satisfied with our services.
DeFi (Decentralized Finance)
We offer a decentralized finance use case that allows the users to remain anonymous in their transactions and ensure that there are no brokers and intermediaries in between any transaction. Our technology will help you to make peer-to-peer transactions without having any middleman in between. This will help them get an enhanced experience while performing the transactions.
Native off-chain technology
The transactions that are moved outside that of our blockchain will be featured on our platform. This allows you to send the cryptocurrency to your existing crypto wallet. The off-chain technology will allow lower fees and better anonymity with a quick settlement.
Launchpad platform
We are allowing the investors to buy into our project before the token is made public. As our project increases to get more and more publicity the money of the investors will grow exponentially. Many prior crypto businesses have helped owners gain money by investing in the launchpad platforms. We at MIE token also offer you to invest in the project and get the token for cheaper prices before its price skyrocket.
Crowdfunding platform
Each project which is present in the MIE platform will be crowdfunded using the MIE token, based on the following structure,
● The projects will be accepting the MIE token on the application and website.
● For participating in the project, users can purchase tokens in the crowdfunding sessions.
● Using BTC, TRX, ETH, USDT, and MIE tokens, the users can take part in crowdfunding.
● The tokens other than that of MIE which is received in the crowdfunding sessions will be converted into MIE tokens at that time’s market price. This in turn would be distributed to the projects at the end of crowdfunding sessions.
● VIP Members might get rewarded in the projects.
Big data/research/analysis/market prediction platform
As a prediction market, we help the traders to bet on the future events and what their outcome would be. Based on the outcome, the traders can earn a lot of money. The market is great because the predictions are made correctly, sometimes even predicting the future of the event.